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Welcome to my new account!

2016-09-22 19:01:21 by CreepyNoodleDragon

Hai it's me CreepyDragoness with a new account, I'll have to remake and re-favorite everything but it wasn't much to begin with, my last account is now made inactive.


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2016-09-23 17:52:00

Welcome to the community CreepyNoodleDragon! Again. :P Why the new account though?

CreepyNoodleDragon responds:

Because I logged in with my google account on my last and I changed my name on google but it didn't change here, I didn't have much done on my last account so I just made a new one with my new name, once I remake some skincraft skins my account will be just like my old one but with a different name


2016-09-23 19:24:01

Ah, alright, makes sense!